Art de Vivre is on display at Sofitel Ambassador Seoul’s four restaurants and the roof bar. Chic bistro Fait Maison serves up authentic French cuisine, including a charcuterie station carving up French delicacies fresh. Parisian lounge L'Espace enchants visitors with Sofitel’s signature afternoon tea service, ‘Le Goûter’, which offers an assortment of French and Korean gourmet fare. French bakery Jardin d'Hiver will delight your taste buds with exquisite baguettes and pastries. Discover modern Japanese gastronomy at MIO, the perfect place to enjoy omakase dining paired with craft sake. Resplendent with scenic views, the roof bar Latitude32 creates the ambience of space travel. The bar is comprised of three zones; a craft beer area, a wine lounge, and a whiskey & cocktail space, each of which tempt guests with a finely curated selection of adult beverages.