We will endeavor to be "the Prestigious Ambassador" offering the highest value
"As a hospitality leader that offers supreme values,
we will become the best global hotel company
in Korea for 100 years."

"As a hospitality leader that offers supreme values, we will become the best global hotel company in Korea for 100 years."
To all dear customers, thank you for your unwavering support for the Ambassador Hotel Group. The Ambassador Hotel Group started out as "Geumsujang," a Western-style inn with 19 rooms in a two-story building, in 1995, a time when even the name "hotel" was unfamiliar. Its history was the history of Korean hotels. "Geumsujang," which reflected the will of the late former chairman Hyeon-Su Suh for "making a hotel-like hotel in Korea," was loved by many customers for its advanced hotel management method that was hard to see at the time, and the hotel was always full. Later, on the strength of its successful operation, Geumsujang continued to make expansions, ultimately changing into today's Hotel Grand Ambassador Seoul, a supreme-class building with 19 floors and 413 rooms. Furthermore, it grew as Ambassador, a professional hotel corporation operating 23 hotels in 6 major cities throughout the country including Seoul.

The Ambassador Hotel Group, which boasts of the longest history among hotels purely established with private capital, has led the hotel history in Korea with the spirit of service characterized by ceaseless devotion, becoming a "hotel where customers feel at home." In addition, in 1987, it introduced a global management technique jointly with "ACCOR," a French-based global hotel chain corporation; thus contributing to the development of the hotel industry in Korea. I can confidently say that, for the past 50 years, Ambassador has diligently performed its roles as a private ambassador representing Korea, a founder of advanced hotel culture, and a leader of tourist industries in Korea. The history built by Ambassador was the history of development of Korean tourism as well as the history of growth of the hotel industry.

During the 60th anniversary of Ambassador Hotel in 2015, we declared our slogan "Yours Always," which contains the service philosophy of Ambassador, in commemoration of its new beginnings. It carries our willingness to develop into the "Ambassador that is the first choice among customers" as the "hospitality leader that offers supreme values" and which is always with customers. We would like to focus all capacities of Ambassador Hotel to customers and to find impetus for new changes and innovations from customers.

Having strived to keep its promise of becoming the "Ambassador loved by customers and Ambassador that represents Korea" since its foundation, Ambassador would like to add a promise for a new future: "Ambassador, a global professional hotel group from Korea." We will accomplish this with certainty. Dear customers!

We ask for your continuing encouragement and support so that we can keep this promise.
We will present ourselves to customers with a new, changed look at all times.
Thank you very much.

Chairman, Ambassador Hotel GroupJung-Ho Suh


1977 Graduated from Seoul Jungang High School
1982 Studied in New York Hotel & Motel School
1984 Graduated from the University of Nevada after majoring in Hotel Administration
2004 Graduated from the University of Nevada Graduate School (MBA)
2017 Conferred an honorary doctoral degree in business administration by the Sejong University Graduate School of Business


2000 Received the Legion d'Honneur, honorary medal from the French government
2001 Grand Award for Hotel Administration by the Korea Hospitality and Tourism Academe
2003 Awarded the Gold Tower of Industrial Service Merit(30th Tourism Day)
2010 Named UNLV 2010 Alumnus of the Year (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
2015 Named Global Korean Leader by the Maekyung Media Group


1988 Founded Ambassadors Co., Ltd., inaugurated as CEO 2006 Inaugurated as Chairman of Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong
1993 Inaugurated as CEO and Chairman of Novotel Ambassador Seoul Gangnam 2007~
Vice Chairman of the Korea China Economy Association Vice Chairman of the Korea Hotel Association
1996 Inaugurated as CEO and Chairman of Sofitel Ambassador Seoul 2009 Founded Seohan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
1997 Inaugurated as CEO and Chairman of Novotel Ambassador Seoul Doksan 2010~12 Member of the Visit Korea Committee
1997 Inaugurated as Chairman of Ambassador Hotel Group (3 hotels, Eujong Development Co., Ltd.) 2012~
Adviser of International French Tourism
2003 Founded Ambatel Co., Ltd., and inaugurated as Chairman of Ibis Ambassador Seoul 2015 Inaugurated as Chairman of Seohan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Adjunct Professor of Hanyang University Graduate School of International Tourism 2016~ Committee member of the Korea France Club