Mondrian Seoul Itaewon, an immersive lifestyle destination

Mondrian Seoul Itaewon is an immersive lifestyle destination, fueled by bold, captivating design and an expressive, playful mindset. We've reimagined experiences ranging from dining & socializing to retail & wellness in an environment that evolves from day into night. All 295 rooms and suites have been redesigned by Asylum, the award-winning Singapore-based interior design specialists, to ensure your stay is both stylish and comfortable. Enjoy your perfect moment in the right space at the right time!
Parking area
hotel main visual
hotel main visual
hotel main visual
hotel main visual

Floor Guide

Floor Guide
Rooftop Bar RF
Privilege Bar
Rooms 5F - 18F
Outdoor Swimming Pool & Bar 5F
Altitude Pool & Lounge
Wedding & Meeting 3F
Wedding & Meeting
Reception L2
Bar & Restaurant L1 - L2
Cleo, Blind Spot, Rumpus Room
Retail Shop B1
Fashoin, Dining, Retail
Fitness B2
Fitness club, Indoor Swimming Pool, Botanical Lounge
Parking B3 - B4


대중교통으로 오시는 길
By subway or walk
    - Line 6 Noksapyung Station Exit 3, Approx. 15 minutes by walk
    - Line 6 Itaewon Staion Exit 4, approx. 17 minutes by walk
By bus
    Take off at Yong-San Gu Office bus stop (bus #740) or Subway Line 6 at Noksapyung Staion
공항에서 오시는 길
Incheon International Airport (ICN) By car Incheon International Airport Road ▶ Incheon International Airport Expressway ▶ Olympic Highway (Approx. 62km / 1hour 15 minutes)
By Airport Limousine Bus #6030
- Terminal 1 : 1F Arrival Platform 6B-4
- Terminal 2 : B1 Transit Center Platform 32