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Urban Escape, located on the 4th floor, is a healing place in the city where you can recharge with a sensible leisure facility tailored to the trend. You can enjoy a new lifestyle in a variety of pools, Jacuzzi, and private cabanas that the whole family can enjoy with warm natural light.

🔈 Instructions for Cabanas and Nesting Beds
Operation HoursCabanasNesting Beds
10:00 - 12:00₩150,000₩120,000
15:30 - 17:30
18:00 - 20:00
* The prices above are inclusive of 10% tax.
* Cabanas and Nesting Beds are only available for hotel guests.
* Entrance to Urban Escape is subject to additional charges.


[Facility Information]
▪ Cabanas and Nesting Beds (Charged)

[Urban Escape Information]
▪ Outdoor Jacuzzi at Urban Esacpe may not open depending on the weather conditions on the day.
▪ Urban Escape is a room-only facility that includes admission benefits.
▪ Please shower and do exercise before entering the pool.
▪ Please wear swim suits for managing water-purity efficiently.
▪ Please beware of slippery floor.
▪ Children under the age of 12 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian for safety.
▪ The pool should not be used by guests who have consumed alcohol.
▪ Water guns, beach balls, swimming tubes and other related equipments are restricted for safety reasons.
▪ Life vests and swimming arm floats can be used.
▪ Food, beverage and pets are not allowed for water-purity.
▪ Children under 36 months must wear water proof diaper before entering the pool.
▪ Customers must follow the safety guard's instruction and the hotel has right to send guests off who violate.
▪ The hotel will not take responsible for any injuries or accidents that caused bu guests.

- We would like to hear any good suggestions or inconvenience from our guests for service improvement.
We will always listen carefully with your voice for better service.

Hotel Info

Operating Hours

▪ 10:00 - 22:00
• Break Time 13:00 - 14:00


▪ Hotel Guests
- Adults: Mon to Thurs ₩30,000 / Fri to Sun, Holidays ₩40,000
- Childres: Mon to Thurs ₩15,000 / Fri to Sun, Holidays ₩20,000

▪ Accompanying Guests (Up to 2 people per a room)
- Adults: Mon to Thurs ₩40,000 / Fri to Sun, Holidays ₩50,000
- Children: Mon to Thurs ₩20,000 / Fri to Sun, Holidays ₩25,000

※ Children: 37 months to 15 yo.



Reservation & Contact Info

Tel : +82-2-2270-3202
Email : ambfc@ambatel.com

카바나 예약 및 이용 문의

전화 번호: 02-2270-3181
메일 주소: ambfbpht@ambatel.com