A Mid-scale Hotel for Business or Family Trips

Novotel Ambassador Daegu is located at the heart of Dongsung-ro, the city"s shopping and fashion district. Directly connected to the subway and a stone"s throw away from the train station, airport, and EXCO convention center, the hotel is the perfect base for exploring South Korea as well as doing business. The hotel building boasts of spacious rooms with fantastic view of the city, meeting and wedding facilities, international restaurant and western-style bar, and wellness center.
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Floor Guide

Floor Guide
Premier Executive Suite 19F - 22F
19F-20F Non-smoking Floor
21F-22F Smoking Floor
Superior 9F - 18F
9F-11F Smoking Floor
12F Engine Room
13F-16F Smoking Floor
17F-18F Non-smoking Floor
Lobby, Restaurant 8F
The Square Restaurant, H2O Full Sidebar, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Golf Range, Banquet Reservation, Business Center, Bordeaux Hall, Burgundy Hall
Arcade 1F - 7F
1F-6F Shopping Mall
7F In Balance Fitness Club
Lobby 1F
Lobby, Reception, Concierge, Rendezvous Lounge & Bar
Banquet Hall B2
Champagne Hall, Pyebaek Room, Bridal Room
Parking Lot B4 - B7
Parking Lot


대중교통으로 오시는 길
    Novotel Ambassador Daegu
    ☆ 2.28 across memorial Central Park 2 (02-230)
    - Trunk: 650,909
    ☆ 2.28 across memorial Central Park 1 (02-227)
    - Main line: 518 / Branch line: Gangchang 2 / Express: Express 1,3,5,6

    ☆ 2.28 In front of Memorial Central Park (02-326)
    - Main line: 234,240,309,425,518,650,724,909,939 / Express: Express 1,3,5

    ★ CGV Crossing over Korea (02-239)
    - Main line: 156,234,240,309,323,425,524,724,939,980

    ★ CGV Hanil (02-238)
    - Main line: 156,323-1,524 / Express: Express 6
    ☆ Basic fare when getting off subway line 1 subway station
    ☆ East Daegu Station: about 5,000 won
    ☆ Daegu Airport: approx. 8,000 won
    Subway Line No.1 Jungang-ro Station Exit 3 (10 min by foot), Daegu Station (10 min by foot)
    (Exit 19, Daehyun Free Mall(Underground shopping)
    Subway Line No.2 Banwoldang Station (15 min by foot)
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