The Spa Hasta
The Spa Hasta
The Spa Hasta

The Spa HastaGrand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman


Premium Luxury Spa, The Spa Hasta

On 12 December 2018, The Spa Hasta welcomes you to the premium spa service in Grand Ambassador Seoul associated with Pullman.

Inspired by an ancient Sanskrit language ‘Hasta’, meaning hand, The Spa Hasta was launched to provide heartfelt spa service.
The spa offers its philosophy with the sincere touch by hands as well as caring mind for guests.
Experience the value of a luxury lifestyle completed with the delicate touch of a professional therapist.


Signature Body Therapy "Hastassage"
Authentic body therapy “Hastassage” uses eight kinds of massage techniques coming from different spa cultures. This body care program offers delicate, comfort and rhythmical experiences.

The Private Treatment Room
The treatment rooms include single rooms for private relaxation and couple rooms for couples.

Hydro Water Therapy "Vichy Shower Room, Jacuzzi Room"
Inspired by hot spring destination ‘Vichy’ in French, Vichy shower releases tight muscles and helps improve blood circulation by water pressure. Whirlpool facility is also fulfilled to enhance therapy effects by releasing stress.

"Beauty Class" by Professional Beauty Therapists
A variety of beauty classes including kid’s therapy, bubble bar and DIY cosmetic making will be prepared for guests.

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Operating Hours

10am - 10pm (closed every 1st Wed.)



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Tel : +82 2 2270 3277
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